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Death Mask 표지.jpg

DEATH MASK  데드  마스크

Publish:  magazine 'Cooki  

KInd : Paper  cartoon      24page   /  befor  60 page

Convert Digital : 2015



Astaire is the lord of the ruined castle.
Where all his life is dead, an unwelcome guest comes one day.

Hakaranda  하카란다

Publish: Books 1, 2   

KInd : Paper  cartoon      450 page   

Convert Digital : 2014


Story: An American girl  at the 18th birthday  party  meets a mysterious lover.  
When beautiful upper class women visit, the life of a girl shakes.
Meanwhile, princess born in Azteca is in danger.

Lence of the illusion  창위의 일루젼 

Publish:  NAVER  SITE

KInd : Paper  and Digital       500 page   

Convert Digital : 2008, 2009


The medieval ages,  an unknown border town
Peter meets an evil spirit while delivering vegetables.
Until sunrise, the spirit must be released.
A sadness  knight is looking for a  sacrifices child to die today.

A space route E-RIAN  이리안 로드 

Publish:  Books 1,2,3.  

KInd : Paper    650 page   

Convert Digital : undecided



Future times.

Rachel, with a job hunting alien monsters. She mistakenly brings home an alien that looks like a human boy.

Sleepy world  잠이 든 세계

Publish:  Megazine  Cenacle

KInd : Paper    32 page   

Convert Digital : undecided



One day a hacker visits a 10-year-old boy.

The hacker was a big tree.